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We are a couple of guys who have been friends for forty years and happen to love design and working with customers that can benefit from our expertise. We have full time gigs but have plenty of time to help you with your project. We are affordable experienced professionals that want to help you grow your business.

About Us

Jerry McNeal

Jerry McNeal

30 years of illustration and design experience. Previously owned a design/print/web development company for 10 years. Specialize in design, marketing, web development, and just about anything else your company might need to connect with clients.

Louis Turi

Louis Turi

30 years of experience in design,  graphics and intergraph. Previous owner of a sports photography business. Specialize in graphics, photoshop, photography, illustration and publications.


Design and Marketing Materials

 Let us help you reach your customers. We will listen to you, plan what is needed and  work with you and your team to take the project from conception to completion. From print materials to your digital presence we will help you Create, Market and Connect.

Photography, Photo Editing and Repair

We offer event, sports, food service and other photography services, along with photoshop work including editing, and repair of photos.

Technical Illustration

Creation of all types of technical illustrations and some CAD work.  Illustrations are created in Adobe Illustrator and can be created from a concept, engineering prints, photos or the actual item. Cut-away illustrations, exploded views and patent drawing services available.

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